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Couette-Taylor Photobioreactor

The difficulty of proposing intensive cultivation systems with high productivity is the major drawback for industrial applications based on photosynthetic microorganisms (algae, plant cells or photosynthetic bacteria). Algal biotechnology and photo-bioreactor (further PBR) design is still an emerging field in the bioreaction technology and engineering. Within this project we want to focus not only on some special methods or approaches for modeling, simulation and optimization of microbial growth in the three-dimensional flow field of a gas-liquid-solid PBR but also on the comparison of such approaches and its corresponding hardware implementations. Nowadays, there do not exist reliable methods as well as programming software neither for modeling, simulation and control of microbial growth in photo-bioreactors, nor for PBR design. Modeling in a predictive way the photosynthetic response in the three-dimensional flow field seems today unrealistic, because the global response depends on numerous interacting intracellular reactions with various time-scales. This explains why only semi-empirical modeling approaches are usually conducted in the few examples devoted to this topic . Nevertheless, problems we deal with are not unknown to us.


Proprietory design application pending